Vadim Kononov


Master of Science in Computer Science


- Over 10 years of tutoring expertise, and hundreds of past students with excellent results
- Tutoring methodologies are revised and tailored towards individual students.
- Tutoring duration is always rounded down (e.g. if I tutor you for 1h & 10min, you pay for 1h).
- Extensive experience tutoring students with physical and learning disabilities.
- A large number of study resources are available to students.
- Free assistance for small problems by phone, email and through the live chat.

About Me

My name is Vadim Kononov, and I am an alumnus of the University of Manitoba (Winnipeg, Manitoba). In May 2014, I graduated with a Master of Science in Computer Science. I have been tutoring for over 10 years now and have many years' worth of experience, practice worksheets, course notes and other useful materials.


Computer Science Mathematics Statistics